Share your story / Comparte su historia

The book Everyday Illegal is my personal take on what is happening with U.S. immigration today.  It is informed by both my research and my training as a researcher of family life.  It is also informed by my own relationships with many families divided by current immigration policies.

What are your experiences? Are you the child of unauthorized parents, or parents to unauthorized children?  Do you live in a mixed status family?  Does someone you love and care about struggle with living everyday, illegal?

Tell us your stories here.

I or my sibling is undocumented / Yo o un@ de mis herman@s es indocumentad@

I’m a child raised in a mixed status family / Fui criad@ en una familia con estatus legal mixto

I’m a parent without legal status / Soy un padre o madre que no está legalizad@

I’m in a mixed status relationship / Mi pareja tiene un estatus legal diferente al mío


Share Your Story / Comparte su Historia

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